6 Ways to Add Value of Your Home

Add Value of Your Home

It’s most peoples’ aim to work their way up the property ladder and eventually move into a home much bigger and better than the one they are currently living in. One of the most common ways to do this is to gradually add value to the home you are currently living in.

When it comes to adding value to your current home, many people are not very creative when thinking of ideas; in fact, most people think that simply giving the walls a lick of paint will suffice. However, there are much more lucrative and substantial ways to increase the value of your home. And we have put together a list of the top methods.

1. Convert your loft space

Many people use their roof space to simply store items which are mainly useless, such as old toys. The Christmas tree and other junk which, for no good reason you are reluctant to throw away. Your roof space can be convert into something much more valuable, however the logistics of this conversion must be consider to ensure that you’re doing more good than bad.

In order for your loft space to be convert, you need to make sure that the roof structure is build using either attic trusses or cut roof timbers. As well as this, you need to make sure that the loft has plenty of head room to be use. Building regulations also require an easy escape route to stairs and all attached rooms. Your loft conversion will not require planning permission unless you intend to install a window at the front of the property onto a road.

Before going ahead with a loft conversion, you need to check that it will in fact add significant enough space and not take it away, for example you will need to add in a staircase which may well reduce the space on the first floor considerably. It is also important to consider that by using the loft space as a room, you will not have that extra space for storage.

Once your loft has been convert, you can use the space for many different purposes. One of the most popular uses for a converted loft space is as an additional bedroom, but the opportunities really are endless. You could use it as an office space, an additional living room, entertainment area, games room or gym.

2. Add a conservatory

A conservatory can be a great way to add floor space to your house, and they usually cost far less to build than the value which will be add onto the house price. A conservatory can add significant room to one of your existing rooms, such as a living room backing onto the garden, or if enough space is available, it can even be a room in its own right.

In most circumstances, planning permission will not be require for building a conservatory, however it will need to comply with building regulations.

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Whatever period and value your property, in order to add significant value to your house, you will need to make sure that your conservatory is well design. It is most popular to build a south facing conservatory, as this will ensure that the maximum amount of sunlight is received on a daily basis. However, an east facing conservatory will also work well. If you are considering adding a conservatory onto your property, it is well worth getting the advice of a conservatory specialist, who will be able to do a home visit and assess where would be the best place for a conservatory to be built. A good conservatory design will look like a natural addition to the house, and not an ‘add-on’.

3. Enhance the kerb appeal

Most potential buyers will make a very fast decision on whether or not they like a property, as soon as they pull up outside the building, and these first impressions can be very difficult to shake off. Ensure that the first impression of your property is a good one by enhancing the look of it from the outside, so that they see the best side of your house from the outset.

There are many ways to enhance the outward appearance of your property, including repointing your brickwork, repainting doors and window frames, replacing broken or unattractive garage doors, replacing PVC windows in Sheffield, adding a name to the property, replacing the number sign, and adding hanging flowers and plants to the outside area.

These are some very cheap ways of drastically improving the outward appearance of the property and will give potential buyers the idea that the property is very well looked after and maintained, making it all the more appealing to them.

4. Create off-road parking

Off-road parking can make a massive difference to the value of any property, and is a highly desirable consideration, particularly in urban areas where street parking is limited. On top of that, a driveway is much more advantageous to most potential buyers as oppose to a high maintenance garden which they are unlikely to use.

In order to create off road parking, you can simply convert part of, or all of the front garden into a driveway by adding paving. This usually does not require planning permission, however you will need to comply with the highway regulations, and you will also need to check that you will be able to cross over any land that you do not own, for example grass verges at Dallas Turf Company.

5. Makeover the garden

An attractive garden can do wonders for the overall look of a property and can make the home look a lot more appealing to potential buyers. It is well worth getting a professional garden designer round to your place to suggest some ideas, and from there you can draw up a plan yourself.

One of the most desirable aspects of a garden is the privacy it offers. You can create the feeling of isolation from neighbours by adding tall fences and large trees around the edges of the garden. It is also a good idea to make space for every use of the garden, for example include a lawn area, a decking area, a seating area and a place for barbeques. This will help potential buyers to envisage themselves enjoying the garden when they live in the house and will also add structure and interest to the garden itself.

Even if you do not have the budget to completely reorganise your garden. You can still make a big difference by simply investing in some pot plants, cutting the lawn, cleaning any decking and getting rid of weeds.

6. Remodel your existing space

Consider the current layout of your home and be open minded as to whether or not it really is the most suitable use of space. One of the most popular layouts of a home these days is an open-plan design. This makes the space seem bigger and is a more sociable layout for the family and for visitors to your home.

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Consider if there are any walls which could be taken down to form a more open space. This can only be done when the walls are not providing any structural support. And when it is possible to avoid harming any historical features when your building is listed.