Cleaning Vinyl Flooring Correctly

Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

There are a lot of different voices on how to clean and maintain luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, and it is easy to get mixed up in which bit of advice is accurate.

We advise the best course of action is always discussing with a supplier on any guidance towards a particular brand. However, as vinyl is that little bit more durable than other flooring, there are specifics that can be divulged in cleaning the floor and what to avoid.

Regular Household Products

Lowest price Amtico flooring can be cleaned with the usual household cleaning appliance.

A regular mop, non-suction vacuum and a non-brittle brush will not damage the flooring. Microfiber cloths and liquid cleaning solutions are also a safe cleaning option. The certain items that could damage the wear layer of your floor are metal bristle brushes and steel wool.

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Vinyl tile and planks have thicker layers and anti-scratch safeguards but they can only handle so much. It is not recommended in soaking your floor with water or leaving puddles for long periods of time. They need to ideally be cleaned up straight away to not affect the safety properties in the planks.

Steps Following Installation

You should not clean your floor straight away following installation, especially if you have tiles.

You can clean away the leftover adhesive around the tiles straight away, but the floor needs to be left for up to 48 hours so it can set properly. Water can upset the work done, so be sure to let it set before making your first pass with a dry sweeping or mop.

Following 48 hours you can use a microfiber mop and a ready to use liquid cleaner diluted with water. The mop needs to be rinsed thoroughly to eliminate any contaminants. No matter what, don’t apply water straight to the floor – let the cleaning products do the work.

Stay on Top

Dry dust is easily removable with a mop or brush using up less than 5 minutes of your day.

For occasions where dirt is trampled into the home, you will require a quick wipe and clean with warm soapy water. Don’t go soaking the floor no matter how bad it looks.

Opt for a non-abrasive scrubbing item to reduce the risk of scratching the top wear layer that contains the design also. Fix your furniture legs with felt pads to stop scratches on your top layer whenever they should move. Pets jumping down from the couch could even leave a scuff that will need attention, even though the flooring is very pet friendly.

Plenty of options that can be undertaken to protect and maintain lowest price Amtico flooring, however some may differ depending on the brand. Some suppliers may have guidebooks available upon asking, or at least have an outline they can provide.

Always consult with the provider of your cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK and Amtico Signature to ensure the best care options with your vinyl flooring.