Tips To Optimize Your Site For Google’s Featured Snippets

google featured snippets

Whenever a user googles something, google gives quick answers within SERPs above the top organic results and below paid listing. These are known as featured snippets. Right from the day they were introduced in 2014, the websites have tried to adapt to the change.

Featured snippets can be a threat to online publishers because they eliminate the need to click through to the sites. Also, these snippets have introduced a new opportunity for e-commerce sites because boost their site visibility. Being in the Quick Answer box is certainly an advantage.

Why are Google’s featured snippets so important?

google featured snippets important

  • Google’s featured snippets increase the visibility of your brand in the search engine.
  • They drive more traffic towards your site.
  • It has better trust and credibility from the users.

Hence, you must not ignore this opportunity to be on top of the search engine. Here are tips on how you can optimize your site through these Google’s featured snippets

  • These snippets are all about answering the queries of the user. In order to answer the question correctly, you must know what kind of questions are being asked. The best way of getting into the featured snippet is by understanding what questions people are asking with respect to your business and products. And, if you answer these queries in your content, your content is going to be there in the snippet.
  • In order to find out what kind of questions people usually type into google, you can conduct a survey, ask people and search various media platform like twitter.
  • You can also include a question and answer section in your site so that you will be able to answer the questions in a direct way. There are more chances of your site being feature in snippets if you answer the questions to the point. State the question, answer the question briefly and in the next paragraph, elaborate the answers. The variety of content on the page containing Q & A helps in ranking in the Google featured snippets.
  • You must remember that most of the pages that get into the featured snippet are the ones which have already been ranked high with respect to the query. They will be in at least the top 5 positions. Find out your site pages which are likely to get featured in the quick answer box. Improve the content of these pages to be featured in the snippets.
  • There is one more interesting way to be featured in the snippet box. You must have observed that certain videos also get featured in the quick answer box. You can publish YouTube videos that will be added to the featured snippets if they are precise and good. All you have to do is create a video answering a question, naming it with the exact question, add voice transcript in your video and link to it from your site.

These are some ways to increase the possibility of being in the featured snippets. You can use this feature and improve your business.