5 Anti-Aging Tips for Women of 50’s

anti aging tips

Moving into baby-boomer-hood can be daunting at times, and there are mornings when you lie in bed wondering how you can possibly be the age your birth certificate says you are … until you get up, go into the bathroom and look in the mirror! And then you know your birth certificate is right …

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to no longer have 20/20 vision Life is being kind, by making sure you see yourself through rose-coloured glasses (one of my personal favourites!), and the bathroom mirror isn’t as unkind as it is when you slip on your specs …

But as we all know, age is just a number, and the way we feel and the way we look, and the way feel about the way we look, are the keys to developing a new attitude and finding the good parts of the aging process. And so I have put together 5 of what I consider to be the best anti-aging tips … for developing a new style and a brand new Attitude!

Being you

Stop caring about what other people think. The most attractive women are those who are more concerned with their own opinion of themselves rather than the opinion of others. Now is the time to finally stop other people from spoiling your day with their words and opinions …

Dressing for you

As you age, you finally learn what works for you! You can throw fashion out of the window and begin creating your own style. Dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and expresses who you are.

Remember, you can look chic and stylish on a minimalist budget!

Recognising you are perfectly imperfect

When it comes to dressing your newly shaped body (something that happens to us all), take your focus off the bits you don’t like!

Stand in front of a mirror (naked is good) and check out the really good bits … yes, you do have them. You may have beautiful legs, slim wrists, cute feet or a great smile. It doesn’t matter … whatever you have that is seriously hot, make sure it’s on show!

If you have a fabulous bum because you work-out a lot, wear (age-appropriate) tight pants! Always remembering “Fitting is Fabulous … Tight is Tacky”

If you think you’re deluded, you probably are. But it doesn’t matter! Why? Because this is about what you like; none of this is about pleasing other people …

Smile… the world really does smile with you

Nothing is more youthful-making than a smile. It improves your energy which radiates out to others so that you have the effect of raising other people’s energy. A smile will help you move past all the negative emotions you experience on a daily basis. It may be hard in some situations, but if you can force the corners of your mouth up, you can change your entire physiology. There are times when this is difficult to do … but persevere … it’s worth it!

If you don’t smile because you have bad teeth, save the money and get them fixed. There are some extraordinary things they can do for your teeth …

If you don’t smile because you’re depressed, try it anyway. A smile is Guaranteed to make you feel better and will help lift your depression.

A smile is free to give and free to receive … be generous with your smiles and share them around.

Laugh – especially at yourself

We all do stupid things … on a daily basis! Learn to laugh at yourself and get your happy endorphins running around your body; lower your blood pressure and stress levels…

Or find something else to laugh at … a good belly laugh is something you hear too little and is something we don’t do often enough. If your surrounded by doom and gloom think of joining a Laughter Yoga Club … an international organisation in over 60 countries, so you’re bound to be able to find one near you!

Laughter really is the best medicine …

… along with an apple a day.