How Massage Therapy Helps You Physically and Mentally

Ways that Massage Therapy Helps Relieve Stress, Provides Clarity, and Makes You Feel Better

If you have yet to experience all the benefits massage therapy has to offer, then you are missing out on one of the best holistic methods to relieve stress, reduce pain, and improve your overall mood. By manipulating muscle fibers and tissues, licensed massage therapists provide their clients with relief who are suffering with pain, stress, sleep and/or mood disorders, and numerous other issues that can make a person not feel their best.

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Out of all the treatments that we offer in modern medicine, massage therapy has proven time and again to be both cost-effective and efficient in treating several conditions, both relating to physical wellbeing as well as mental health. It’s a wonder drug without the “drug” portion, which means that literally anyone can take advantage of it. Here are the top five ways that massage therapy proves beneficial.

Easing Stress and Anxiety, Boosting Overall Mood

If the last year has shown us anything, it’s that these are difficult and stressful times that we live in. It comes as no surprise that there are millions of Americans walking around with more stress and anxiety than they can handle. In fact, one out of every three people reports feeling extreme stress. If you fall into that category, then massage therapy is definitely the correct treatment for you. Licensed massage therapists are specifically trained in manipulating the body so that your brain will release chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, which are the “feel good” chemicals that help melt anxiety and boost mood. If you’re feeling stressed, massage therapy is a surefire way to knock it out and no time.

Get Better Sleep

Think about what you’re like after a really bad night of sleep. You’re cranky, you’re unfocused, and your energy feels low throughout the day. Basically, you’re not functioning at your best. Not being at 100% can make the workday seem longer and make household chores feel much harder than normal. Yet again, massage therapy comes to the rescue. Because these techniques are designed to release serotonin, by extension, this is going to lead to you getting a better night’s sleep. Massage therapy has proven to be beneficial for people who have a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep throughout the night. The next time that you feel unrested and wiped out, try booking an appointment with a massage therapist.

Reduction in Pain

Pain happens to the best of us. It can happen when we go out to exercise through injury or even something as simple as sitting in a chair for too long with bad posture. As we get older, pain becomes more and more common. Muscles will feel tight, joints will feel stiff, which leads to us depending more and more on over-the-counter medications such as aspirin or Tylenol. However, massage therapy is perfect for those who are looking to find pain relief using holistic methods. Since your licensed massage therapist will be manipulating your muscles in a way to improve circulation and oxygen-rich blood flow, you’ll notice that your pain levels will go down significantly after only one treatment. Massage therapy is good for those who have suffered an injury or are trying to prevent an injury by keeping their muscles in top form.

Improved Focus

There are several things that can make a person lose their focus in the middle of a workday. If you feel achy, fatigued, or stressed, it’s going to be harder for you than normal to stay focused on your tasks. The other thing that will decrease your focus is an elevated heart rate. Fortunately, massage therapy helps out with this issue as well. The science behind this is that massage therapy actually slows down your nervous system by stimulating vagal activity. By extension, this slows down your heart rate to optimal levels so that you can stay on task and stay focused.

Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is especially dangerous because there are no symptoms, however, it can lead to critical health conditions such as heart attack or stroke. More often than not, a physician will put you on blood pressure medication. However, don’t overlook the benefits of massage therapy when it comes to cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that the immediate results of lowered blood pressure lasted up to 72 hours after receiving a massage.

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Book Your Massage Therapy Appointment Today

Now that you know all the physical and mental benefits of massage therapy, all that’s left is to book your appointment with your local licensed massage therapist. Massage therapy in Kansas City is widely available, and you can usually get an appointment same-day or next-day depending on who you contact. Once you book your appointment with your massage therapist, you will be well on your way to feeling better, feeling more focused, and being in a better mood. Even a one-hour appointment can make all the difference in your work week.