5 Home Improvement Ideas for Winter

Home Improvement Ideas

A change in seasons is always a good time for some alterations around the home (and in the garden) to get your property ready. For example, the weather becomes harsher in winter and you will need to find ways to protect your home and also keep it nice and warm and bright without boosting the bills too much.  As any homeowner will know, the DIY and maintenance jobs never seem to end, but sorting out smaller problems before they become big is crucial if you don’t want to end up spending a fortune. Here are five home improvement ideas this winter:

Keep the Heat In

During winter, we start to turn up the thermostat to keep out homes warm. However, there’s no point turning up the heating if it’s just escaping through the roof, doors or windows. With that said, it would be wise to get up in the loft and ensure it is adequately insulated. This will help ensure your home stays a comfortable temperature throughout the year, while keeping your heating bills at a reasonable level. You should also draughtproof your doors and windows and have double glazing installed if you haven’t already, as this will also help you keep the heat in during winter.

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Update Your Kitchen

You’re probably going to be spending more time in the kitchen in the coming months, cooking winter warmers like homemade soup and pie and potentially even the Christmas dinner. With that said, it may be worth upgrading your kitchen to make it more stylish and make better use of the space. There are companies that provide bespoke fitted kitchens but you may just want to make some smaller changes like replacing the cupboard doors to something more modern or updating the light fixtures.

bespoke fitted kitchens

Check the Property’s Exterior

Secure your garden by putting away any tools and other things that might blow around in the wind. Check your fence and replace any missing or damaged panels so that the problem doesn’t become worse over winter. You should also inspect the guttering and clear them of any debris so that they don’t overflow with rainwater. Without adequate drainage on your property, the rainwater will pool around your home, saturate the soil and potentially put too much pressure on your building’s foundations. This can then wreak all kinds of havoc, like cracks and leaks in your walls and ceilings at Danford Brewer & Ives.

Add Some Colour

Winter is a dreary time of year so your home might benefit from a touch of vibrancy. This can be achieved in many ways; perhaps you could paint a feature wall or invest in some new soft furnishings like cushions, curtains, or a new statement rug. If you want to go all out, you could install a bespoke stained glass window which will send beams of colour into your home when the sunlight shines through.

Replace Your Lighting

As well as colour, lighting will also help brighten up your property during winter. It might be worth replacing your halogen lightbulbs to LEDs as they are far more energy efficient and usually don’t have to be replaced as regularly. Layer your lighting with ceiling fixtures and lamps to get that cosy feel that we all crave during winter.