6 Ways that Free CRM Solution Will Enhance Your Profits

Free CRM Solution

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SharpSpring CRM. All opinions are 100% mine.

Modern retail and service companies rely on effective SharpSpring CRM systems to execute customer transactions. They are vital, especially for small size businesses, though many owners and managers fail to realize the full benefits available from quality CRM solutions. Once it is effectively integrated and applied, the benefits of SharpSpring’s free CRM for small businesses will be felt everywhere and by everyone.

#1.  If time is money, then this software is pure profit

The first and most visible business benefit that SharpSpring CRM gives is the speed of processing customer management. Salespersons no longer have to remember prices or product codes, and the latest software uses intuitive menus which can be customised to the end user’s requirements. Customer queues are worked through with ease, giving better customer experience and helping to build loyalty and increase sales volumes.

#2.  Back office control

Adding and managing inventory through the SharpSpring CRM system is a straightforward process. There is no difficult coding to learn, and the drag and drop technology makes it easy to use. With all system terminals connected, multiple menu designs are easily manipulated and all screens updated simultaneously. Customer’s details are updated in real time with no disruption.

#3.  Customer management made easy

With front end to back end integration, it takes the strain out of customer management. Reconciliation between sales and stock is no longer a time consuming laborious task, with touch-of-the button reporting improving accuracy of customer management and sales lead control. Purchase ordering is automated as to business requirements, reducing overspend and improving cash flow.

#4.  Establish your best sellers

This SharpSpring free sales CRM software also helps businesses establish their best and worst customers, and even determine the optimum sales periods for product promotions. Pricing information can be used to establish the best pricing policy for each product, further enhancing profitability and highlighting promotional needs to clear slow selling stock.

#5.  Best for ROI marketing

Customers are more connected than ever before. Businesses spend enormous amounts of time and money on marketing efforts, often ignoring the best ROI marketing opportunities: existing customers are the easiest sell for businesses, and SharpSpring CRM software makes this marketing strategy even easier.

Each user can sign up and log in from your own desktop or Smartphone device, iPad, or Facebook page. Marketing emails, and social media messages can then be customised and sent according to individual or group customer settings based upon a number of criteria, such as previous purchasing history, gender, age, interests etc. Imagine the power of telling your customer of your latest promotion on their birthday, and you’ll get the idea of the power of CRM tool.

#6.  Allow product purchase on the move

Connected via the internet, this SharpSpring CRM software enables salespersons to move from order right through to purchase while in the field. Conversion rates improve, and delivery times to customers speed up. Smartphone and tablets become POS terminals in their own right, with easy-to-use interfaces making for easy use by salespersons and customers. The mobile device looks and operates as if it were a single CRM instrument.

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In-store sales queues can be reduced further by giving customers the ability to order and pay on their own mobile device prior to arrival at your venue. People hate waiting in line, and love beating the queue in front of them. Your customers will love this facility, and when you allow customers to order ahead in this way, you capture details which can then be used in direct marketing campaigns.

Benefit from the full power of the SharpSpring Free CRM software

The advantages that your business will benefit from when utilising full SharpSpring Free CRM software capability doesn’t begin and end with the CRM terminal, though this is the benefit that will impress customers. When used to its full potential, the software will impact your business at every turn by:

  • Reducing customer waiting time
  • Increasing accuracy of financial management
  • Improving customer flow
  • Enabling more accurate stock control
  • Building customer loyalty and enhancing reach through direct marketing campaigns
  • Empowering infield sales staff to be real time cash generative and increasing conversion rates

SharpSpring CRM system is easy to install and can be integrated with existing tech stacks. The company has an established reputation as an affordable marketing automation platform similar to that of HubSpot, Pardot and Marketo. SharpSpring CRM is flexible for your business needs, easy for end users to learn, and improves speed and accuracy of transaction execution with analytical tools to ensure greater profitability of any retail or service business.

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