Boost Your Small Business Using Social Media Tactics

social media tactics

Are you using social media to market your business? If you are not, you should definitely check out the following facts to find out what you have been missing.

According to many surveys, an average day on the Web features huge social media activities like:

  • Uploading of around 3 million images to Flickr, which can fill a photo album with more or less 375,000 pages
  • Signing up of 700,000 new members on Facebook, a figure equivalent to the estimated population in Guyana
  • Posting of 45 million Facebook status updates and 5 millions tweets (on Twitter)
  • Uploading of 900,000 new blog articles, which are enough posts for the NY Times within 19 years
  • Signing up of 625,000 additional members on Google+
    Using the +1 button over 5 billion times

Looking into these big numbers, you already have an idea on just how significant connecting online is.

With that said, go ahead and get found through Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Make it easy for your target customers to learn about your offers on these leading network sites. And, while building your company’s image through this method, do not forget these…

Important Social Media Tricks

1. Set up a blog site, so you can post interesting and relevant content regularly. With the right combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing strategies, you can obtain more than fans and followers. You can also guarantee the loyalty of several readers and customers.

2. Then, re-purpose your articles by converting it to video or video blogs, which you can upload to YouTube. You can also do this by turning the content into slide presentations, which you can post on SlideShare. Alternatively, you can put the blogs’ RSS feeds or links to your fan and profile pages.

3. Connect, interact, and intermingle with other bloggers (especially those who have already built a reputable and credible for themselves). Known as targeted outreach, this tactic

4. Engage in social listening by setting up Google alerts. This way, you will have an idea on most people’s comments or remarks about your business and the latest buzz in your industry.

5. By doing the latter, you can plan appropriate reputation management techniques. You can respond to queries, comment on positive feedback, give solutions to problems, and handle complaints by creating well-written (and properly thought-out) answers on your profile pages.

6. Boost your company’s Facebook fan page by posting engaging status updates. You can also do this by creating polls, contests, and online promotional offers (e.g. discount codes or vouchers). This is an essential strategy given that a survey has discovered that many small business owners consider the website to be a very effective social platform. In fact, more than 9 million entrepreneurs are recently using it to interact and cater to the needs of their customers.

As a note, these tactics are basic; you can learn more strategies along the way, as you get the hang of social media and its features. While you are still new, it helps to start with simple steps. Enjoy!