How Do You Wake Up With Flawless Hair Every Day?

hair care tips

Waking up in the morning to a head of wild hair is a nightmare for most women. And women who have to make a dash for it every morning can find it really hard to deal with bad hair days.

While there isn’t anything you can do to stop your hair from behaving the way it does, there’s a lot you can do to ensure that your hair looks great when you step out of the house!

Here are some hair care tips on taking of your hair plus styling it so you can take on the world confidently every morning.

Know Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type is important so that you know what you need to do to make your hair look good every day. Using the wrong products or styling them the wrong way can not only make your hair look bad but can also damage it in the long run.

And if you think you only need to know if your hair is curly or straight, or dry or normal, you are wrong! You also need to know for sure how dense your hair is and how thick the hair strands are. Knowing if your hair is porous and elastic will also help you take care of your hair better.

Keep Your Hair Clean

This means you need to shampoo, but not every day though! You only need to shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week. Shampooing your hair daily can strip it of natural oils that condition and protect it. This will further cause your scalp to produce more of them which will make your hair look greasy and limp.

However, if you have naturally oily hair, work out every day, or live in a polluted or humid environment, do shampoo your hair daily. If you have colored hair, you’ll have to wash it just once or twice weekly or your hair could lose its shine.

Do rinse your hair well after shampooing. Also, avoid using hot water to shampoo as it can leave your hair limp and damage it. Warm water is fine, but using cold water for the final rinse will help lock the nourishing ingredients into the strands and make your hair look shiny. Follow up with a good conditioner and rinse it out well.

For days when you go without shampooing, use a dry shampoo. Not only will it soak up excess oil, it will also add volume to your locks. But don’t use too much dry shampoo; after the third use, use real shampoo.

Remember to choose your hair products carefully; pick those that suit your hair type. Avoid switching hair products every now and then. If you’re unsure about particular products, buy small-sized packs or try out free samples first. If you’re satisfied with the products, stick to them.

Dry Your Hair Well

You might think that washing your hair in the morning is a great idea. But it really isn’t! That’s because usually, people don’t have enough time to get ready in the morning. If you wash your hair while on the go, skip the conditioner, and forget the blow dryer each day, you need to change this habit.

Wash your hair at night so that you have the time to blow dry it or let it air dry. You’ll have spare time in the mornings plus great hair!

Shun the Heat

Stay as away as possible from heat styling tools like hot rollers and curling irons. These tools can dry your hair out and also cause your hair ends to split. Using heat styling tools just a couple of times a week is fine but be sure to keep them at the lowest heat setting when you use them. Consider using a protective spray before using a heat styling tool.

Even when using a blow dryer, use a low heat setting and keep the dryer at least 6 inches away from your hair.

Use Hair Styling Products Smartly

There are various types available so you’ll need to do your research before you buy anything. Use a light mousse or a volumizing spray to add volume to thin hair.

Limp and lifeless hair can be brought back to life by flipping them forward and brushing them. A light hold hairspray sprayed on the brush before brushing will be more effective. Flip your hair back and de-tangle using your fingers.

For unruly and dry hair, use a spray bottle filled with water to moisten up your hair a bit before you use any products. A curl enhancer or a mousse will help you tame your hair easily.

If tying hair into a ponytail or going for a sleek bun, use a bit of pomade to smooth stray or baby hairs. A shine spray can add much needed shine to your hair.

Learn Some New Hairstyles

Having great hair doesn’t equal sporting long, silky, flowing locks every day. There are various tutorials available online from where you can pick up some easy hairstyles. Styling your hair doesn’t require it to be freshly washed, so you can style it on days when you go without shampooing. What’s more, hairstyles hold better on hair that’s not freshly shampooed!

Practice hairstyles regularly so that you can get the hang of them and get ready quickly in the mornings. Do stock up on lots of bobby pins. Also buy some stylish clips to accentuate your different hairstyles.


Now that you know the right things you need to do to get your tresses under control, you have nothing to fear. Use the tips mentioned here and you’ll always leave home with your head held high!