Significant Benefits of Using WeChat for Your O2O Commerce

Benefits of Using WeChat

O2O (Online to Offline) involves guiding online customers to tangible offline retail stores, and it has become one of the excitable bywords in China’s e-commerce division.

The O2O commerce program is typically set up on mobile. WeChat, the most prevalent social app in China is driving hard on O2O Business model. Compared to its competitors, WeChat has some distinct benefits when managing O2O commerce.

If you are looking at WeChat O2O model for your company, here are some of the main assets WeChat can provide:

Innovative Payment Option

Another concealed benefit for selecting WeChat for your O2O trade model is WeChat Pay. With the comprehensive recognition of WeChat as a social messaging stage, WeChat Pay QR Code has progressively become China’s most prevalent payment solution in the modern age.

O2O has decisively closed the loop by influencing the supremacy of smart devices. Combining with approved WeChat accounts, WeChat Pay service searches and boosts O2O expenditure experience, offering qualified internet payment solutions for physical offline trades of goods and services.

Immense User Base

The WeChat user group in china is not only massive, but very active. There are presently more than 700 million active users every month. Additionally, the user base continues to grow at a very quick rate. As a result, connecting your O2O commerce with WeChat will showcase your product s and brand directly to a vast group of Chinese consumers.

Improved Social Outlook

Notwithstanding its growing presence on e-commerce, WeChat is primarily a social podium first and foremost. Conversely, WeChat’s accomplishments on e-commerce can result in its societal attributes in a big way.

Since WeChat has developed into a vital part of the Chinese societies’ daily life, your O2O model on WeChat can get you closer to your customers faster and more efficient than other current platforms. Additionally, utilities like WeChat Moments can offer your business more presence. More precisely, WeChat Moments permit your customer to share your advertising and promotions around their inner loop, which can aid you in reaching more target customers.

Utilize One Platform for All Tasks

The social app handling can be quite detached outside of China, WhatsApp for social relations and Skype for video discussions, Facebook for newsfeed and Instagram for image sharing.

In China, WeChat has it all. Multiple utilities give your O2O trade more potential, such as using WeChat Moments for advertising objectives and WeChat Pay QR Code for B2C payment results.

Operate WeChat for CRM

Last of all, employing WeChat O2O has entirely altered the landscape of customer relationship administration.

If you are currently using WeChat O2O platform and have a considerable number of supporters, WeChat CRM function will assist you in improving your customer’s online experience. For instance, customer division is always a respectable method to better recognize the diverse variety of customers’ wants and needs, and to fulfill them.

Moreover, WeChat lets your customer place a text or voice message directly, making collaborating with your customers online exceptionally easy, progressing your brand appearance in the long run.


Between all instant messaging apps, WeChat has become a big player in the Chinese market: it has advanced into a multi-platform means for promotion and ecommerce like, additionally demonstrating itself to be an efficient way for corporations to develop an O2O business model and bring in additional customers.

In the situation your company is developing or already presently established; openings to advance your O2O commerce on WeChat are undoubtedly on the rise. If you are a global business and are considering evolving to appeal to a Chinese audience online, contact a WeChat Pay solution provider to get more information today.