Simple Tips For Becoming A Man Magnet

becoming a man magnet

One of the things that women often ask is “Why do some women seem to effortlessly attract men?” They want to know why there are women to whom men flock like sparrows on a large order of McDonald’s fries left unattended on a table outdoors. (Okay, this might not be a good analogy.) But there are some popular women who always have a special “gentleman friend.” and as soon as that boyfriend is history, another man magically appears to fill the void. Although I am professionally known as The Middle-Aged Babe Magnet, I have also become a go-to source for answering questions about men—most of which ultimately come down to, “What is he thinking?” So I can confidently tell you that becoming a Man Magnet isn’t difficult, if you follow these simple tips.

1. Smile.

It’s the simplest advice and the most powerful. A smile makes you seem friendly and approachable. A smile on your face makes you more attractive. A smile on your face means you are the kind of person who will be fun to talk to and fun to be with. (Men are not looking for a bad time.) Remember when you were in Junior High School and you practiced smiling in the mirror? If you didn’t learn it then, learn it now. Then use your smile the next time you see a man you’d like to meet.

2. Master the Art of Eye Contact.

When a man does give you the eye from across the room (because now you know important it is to use your wonderful smile), be ready, willing, able and unafraid. If he gives you the look that says, “I’m interested,” smile and look him in the eyes for five seconds. That’s “one thousand, two thousand, three thousand, four thousand, five thousand.” Yes, it seems like an eternity. But the effect is very powerful, indeed.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Sexy—in a Classy Way.

sexy in a classy way

Men are visual creatures, and the first impression you make will be based upon your looks. (Sorry ladies, but this is true.) Choose your clothing with the intention of getting positive attention. Show a little cleavage if you are comfortable doing so. One way to get a man’s attention is to choose an outfit that is just slightly dressier than what other women will be wearing. Trust me—men love that.

4. Master the Art of Casual Conversation.

Chances are, when a man strikes up a conversation with you (because he saw you smile and you made eye contact and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself), he is not going to talk to you about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. He’s going to say “Hi!” or make a semi-lame comment. (That’s what men do who are nervous about approaching a Babe—and you’re a Babe.) Be friendly, not shy. Keep the conversation going by asking him a friendly question. Ask him about himself or what he does for work or for fun. Guys love to talk about themselves.

5. Be Comfortable in Your Own Body.

You probably don’t look like a Barbie doll or the latest pop star. You’re not supposed to, because you’re a real woman. Just be the best, most attractive YOU that you can be. Watch your diet, get regular exercise, and take the very best care of your body. Looking healthy is way more attractive than looking unhealthy. Plus, if you take care of your body you’ll feel better about yourself and your world. Feeling good about yourself will give you a quiet confidence, and that confidence is VERY attractive to men.