Subtle Ways To Improve The Mood At Your Office

Improve The Mood At Your Office

The life cycle of every business has its ups and downs. Things can’t be good all the time, and as is the case with our personal lives, the mood and energy within any business fluctuate. Keeping morale and energy levels up is something that has to be managed from the top, and it has to be done creatively to ensure that the staff stays fresh and enthusiastic and wants to come to work. And it is not always about parties and bonuses and old-school human resource techniques; there are many other ways to keep things fresh and upbeat. Here’s our list of ideas.

Spring Clean

We all spring clean our houses from time to time. The inevitable day or two at the start of a holiday is when we get a bee in our proverbial bonnet and feel the need to tidy everything. But once done, it feels really good, and the house has a fresh and uncluttered feeling about it. So why not do the same at your place of work? No matter where you are based, you can find the people to help you out. Whether commercial cleaners, freelance maids, or a butler service, Cleaning Solutions will give your facilities a complete once-over. Do it by night or over a weekend, and when your staff return to work, they will immediately notice a difference and be invigorated.

Go green

Plants have a marvelous effect on the overall office mood. They bring a feeling of cool, calm, and creativity, and as long as they are kept alive and don’t end up as dead, dry husks, they have been shown to affect staff positively. They help keep the building healthy and attractive and are cheap and easy to maintain. You can never have too many plants in the workplace.


Implement a recycling programme because everybody wants to do good. Delivering good work is important and what staff are paid for, but doing good for the world should not be forgotten. Getting everybody to buy into a broader culture of being good and delivering collectively as a team is a great way to enhance the team’s strength and underscore the psychological message of doing good on all levels while at work.

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Let your staff know that you appreciate them. But do it on an individual level in a way that says you mean it. People expect the big things to be noticed and acknowledged, but so often, the ability to notice the little things means much more to your staff. And try to acknowledge these things in an overtly personal way. A handwritten note at their desk or a box of chocolates, something personal which says that you, as the boss, have been impressed and have gone out and made an effort to acknowledge it. If you can get this right, your staff will do anything for you.