The Benefits of Traveling in a Private Jet

traveling in a private jet

Why People Choose Private Aviation over Commercial Flights

American corporate travelers take more than 405 million business trips every year, many of them on traditional commercial flights with a litany of other passengers. They wade through crowded airports to collect their luggage, and take slow ground transportation to get to their parked vehicle. Fortunately, there’s another option.

Frequent business travelers may find that flying in a company-owned private jet greatly benefits them, and that the benefits outweigh the annual cost of ownership. Let’s take a look at the benefits of traveling in a private jet that are so compelling that they make busy executives ask their teams to look into aircraft for sale.

Private Jets Save Time

Think about your last trip to the airport to fly on a traditional airline. You likely arrived about two hours in advance to leave plenty of time to check your bags and make it through airport security. Then, you sat around at your gate to wait for boarding.

Even with TSA pre-check, you still have to wait at your gate, and walk through long terminals to get to it. Then, you sit in narrow plane seats for the duration of your trip, surrounded by total strangers. More waiting takes up precious time in baggage claim, as you hope your luggage makes it back to you in one piece.

Flying on a private jet eliminates the need to get to the airport early enough to make it through security. You spend less time waiting for take off and landing, and you can get through smaller airports much more quickly than large commercial ones.

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Lost luggage is a thing of the past, so you spend exactly zero minutes talking to customer service about how you might recover your suitcase or replace the contents. There’s far less waiting and wasted time throughout the duration of your trip, and far less stress, too.

Private Jets Consider Your Schedule

When you fly on a traditional commercial airline, you’re at the mercy of their schedule, and the schedule of every other airline serving the airport. No convenient flight times for your trip? Too bad! You’re stuck with what’s available and have to change your whole day around to plan your trip, sacrificing sleep, missing meetings, or arriving at your destination in the dead of night.

Private jet flight schedules tend to be far more flexible, even if you’re taking a last-minute trip. Your crew can plan stopovers that work with your meetings, and will work with you to secure a takeoff and landing time that meets your needs.

Flying First-Class is Expensive

The average business traveler hops on a plane at least seven times per year to attend to business face-to-face. And when your company has to send groups of people to various locations, the bill for first-class tickets gets expensive, fast, especially for trips planned at the last minute.

While your company might not save money on airfare by owning a private jet, it is at least investing in more convenient, comfortable travel in exchange for the cost. And because executives can actually work aboard a private jet, the company could ultimately save.
After all, time is money.

Enjoy Privacy and Safety on a Business Jet

Have you ever tried to attend a business meeting while aboard a commercial airline flight? What about at the gate in the airport? Neither are good environments for productivity or privacy.

On a private jet, business executives can handle confidential business transactions and dealings without risking leaked information via a nosy co-passenger. And because most private jets have more comfortable seating and tables for working, business travelers have the room they need to accomplish important tasks.

As we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, airports are full of germs. The risk of becoming infected with an illness while waiting at the gate or eating or drinking in a terminal restaurant is fairly high. Flying privately, however, reduces the number of people you come in contact with as you travel.

Are You Still Flying Commercially?

After reading about the benefits of flying in a private jet, it really makes you stop and think. Why is my company still sending employees on business trips through major airports, aboard packed planes, at inconvenient times?

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The truth is that it costs very little out of pocket to investigate whether a private jet might be a smart investment for your company, and it’s worthwhile to check out all your options before resigning yourself – and your team – to more crowded commercial flights for business trips.

Pre-Owned Business Jets for Sale

Companies seeking to cut overall costs in traveling, including lost time, and streamline their travel practices have found that purchasing a private aircraft is far more efficient and cost-effective than taking first-class commercial flights on traditional airlines. If individuals in your organization are flying at least 150 hours per year total, purchasing a private jet may be the best option for business travel.

The smartest way to purchase a pre-owned private plane for business travel is to work with a knowledgeable aircraft dealer who has pledged to follow a strict code of ethics and earned accreditation with the International Aircraft Dealers Association. IADA Accredited Aircraft Dealers are well-versed in the private aviation industry and can help you identify and purchase an aircraft to meet your business’ needs, from anywhere in the world.