5 Items You Want in Your Holiday Makeup Bag

holiday makeup bag

Every woman uses make up hence while in holiday there are those essential makeups that can never be left behind. You can replace the make ups with new ones or either buy smaller quantities that will fit in the makeup bag. Clean brushes before you put them in the makeup bag to ensure that they do not spread bacteria all over to other cosmetics. And most importantly, ensure that your items match the holiday season.

The following are the five items you should have in your holiday makeup bag packing:

1. Eyeliner

It is very essential and should not be left behind while on holiday. Eyeliners come in different varieties of colors making you have a chance to choose your best. Include meladerm that is a beauty product that will enhance your look in a greatly making you look younger than your age dictates. You can replace you eyeliner with eye shadow in case your skin is sensitive on the product you are using.

2. Mascara

It is an essential item that must be in your make up bag even on a daily basis journey. Ensure that mascara is not expired before you pack them. To ensure that you have to know when it was bought, if it was two years ago, you are deemed to replace it since it is full of bacteria and other pathogens causing acne and wrinkles on your face. Replace it with a new one before you start your holiday journey. You can carry both the black and brown mascara to ensure that you interchange and maintain a gorgeous look all through the holiday. Mascara makes your eyelashes look thick and loner than the natural eyelashes.

3. Lipstick

This must be in the makeup bag for all ladies since it helps to make you look more gorgeous than usual. It also helps to prevent your skin from UV rays damage cause by the sun. There are different qualities of lipstick as well as colors; hence, you are advised to carry a variety of colors to match with your garments. Include colorless lip bum in your makeup bag to enhance the look of the lipstick making it more shiny and beautiful. The best skin brighteners can affect your lips if you do not take caution during application. This brings the need to apply lipstick before you use these brighteners.

4. Moisturizer

This is so essential and is a must have in your makeup beg while traveling for the holiday. In case the moisturizer you use is in a large container, consider buying a new one that is smaller and use it only while traveling. Moisturizer is so important for maintaining your skin and preventing it from acne, wrinkles, dull skin, and sunburns. You can use it together with the best skin brighteners to inhibit a smooth and bright skin during your holiday. Use moisturizer once you have cleaned your skin off makeup before you sleep and make it a daily routine.

5. Makeup brushes

They are very essential whenever you are traveling since you cannot apply makeup without them. Ensure that the brushes are cleaned with antiseptic detergents that will help to kill any bacteria and prevent spreading to your skin. Buy new brushes in case you will be in need to use best skin brighteners since you can mess up your makeup if you mix up the brushes.


All the above 5 are essentials that are not supposed to miss in your make bag hence make a step of involving them. You can replace the makeup bag in case it is very small to fit these make ups. Do not assume that it’s a holiday you have to look beautiful by using your normal routine of applying makeup and maintaining your look as usual. A complete makeup bag should involve all the items you use from morning till you retire to bed. It does not matter the duration of the holiday, but all that matters is how you will maintain your look during your stay. In case it is during summer make sure that among your make up you carry sunscreen creams to prevent sunburns and wrinkle formation.