6 Best Adventures You Must Try

best adventures in 2020

What is an adventure? If we go by the definition, adventure is a challenging and an exciting experience that is bold with some potential for risk or danger associated. Well, if adventures are risky, why experience them? Well, there are a huge number of factors why one should experience adventures. As per studies, adventures keep us mentally sharp. It helps us increase our tolerance and cope up with uncertainties. Sounds interesting? Feel like going on one? Here are the 6 best adventures that you must try out.

1. Skydiving in Mauritius

Skydiving is sport where the body falls free with the aid of gravity till a parachute is deployed which then reduces the velocity and aids in landing. Jumping out of a moving plane is one of the most adventurous sports one can even think of and Mauritius has got to be the perfect place where one can float down from above. The thrilling experience is enhanced by the view of the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The best time to plan this adventure is sometime between May and December. It should be noted that this adventure is not for acrophobic people who have heart ailments. Willing to choose Arabian Adventures? Don’t forget to look for Arabian Adventures discount codes for exciting discounts.

2. Experience the Indonesian waves

There are so many things that Indonesia is known for, the lush jungles, the active volcanoes and what not. The thing that goes unnoticed is the Indonesian epic waves. Indonesia provides a huge number of surfing options over the finest waves of the planet. Surfers all round the world desire to get this feeling and come to the islands of Indonesia. The best time to plan this is in between April and October as this is the time the island witnesses the best waves.

3. Snorkelling in Belize

Belize is considered to be a dream for every snorkeler who wants to take a closer look under the surface. Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world. The island, Ambergris Caye, which lies a mile away from the reef, is an ideal spot for snorkelers. You are sure to come across nurse sharks, tropical fishes and colourful corals. The ideal time to visit Belize is between December and April. So, get your snorkelling gear and start off if you are looking for a mesmerizing experience.

4. Trekking in Namibia

Namibia is an incredible country. The stunning red sand meeting with the serene blue colour of the skies is an absolute joy to watch. The Sossusvlei National Park located in the southern part of the desert offers a trek on its 170 meter tall dune. Trekking up the dune is really a challenging task and if you are looking for new challenges, this spot definitely deserves a place in your adventures’ list. June to October are the suitable months recommended to visit Namibia.

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5. A journey to the end of the world – Antarctica

Sounds interesting? Isn’t it? The Patriot Hills, Antarctica is one of the most challenging adventures that one can plan to go for. Antarctica is not for the weak hearted. So if you have a strong heart and love challenges, just go for it. It would certainly give you beauty you desire after the hustle of the coronavirus pandemic. Have a stay at the White Deserts’ luxury camps and experience the most thrilling activities at Wolf’s Fang. These include hiking and climbing the summits of mountains that are completely drenched with glacial ice. Not to mention the amazing fat-bike excursions. The ideal time to visit Antarctica is in the months of December and January. So gear up!

6. Cycling in Jordan – The Jordan Bike Trail

Are you a cycling lover? If yes, this is perfectly for you. Accept the challenge? The Jordan Bike Trail is a 730km long route that crosses from north to south of the country. Well, want some more adventure? Cycle through thick sand, dusty gravel and loose rocks while navigating through the popular spots of Wadi Rum and Petra. Every year lots of cyclists from Italy, Scotland, USA and many other countries are united by the Jordan Bike Trail. Idea time to visit is in April. So if you are a cyclist, pull up your socks and get ready. Looking for other activities too? Search the web for Klook promo codes for exciting offers on sightseeing in Jordan.

So? How do you feel? Planning your budget? Don’t forget to search the web for discounts and offers. Looking for accommodation? Maybe try searching Cobone discount codes for offers on staying expenses. Grab the discounts and offers wherever you get them from, and pack your toolkits. A superb adventure awaits you.