How Bloggers Can Increase Income With Their Blogs

increase income with blogs

If you’re a blogger, definitely you will be eying the day your blog will bring you your first check, if it hasn’t. This does not only ensure you have some extra money, but it also helps you get rewarded for your efforts as a blogger. Though, many bloggers have been earning some dollars from their blogs, a lot are looking forward to earning more. And if you’re reading this article now, it means you are also looking to earn more with your blog.

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While most bloggers are worried about how to increase income with their blogs, it is also true that a lot are tentative about what to do to make that happen. For you to be able to make more money with your blog, you have to do a lot of things which includes introducing new services and allowing people to advertise on your blog, if you’re not doing so already. All those will be treated in the points I’m sharing in this article.

Launch a Product

While many bloggers heavily depend on affiliate promotion as source of revenue for their blogs, creating your own product gives you full control over your income and puts you in position to determine how much you will earn. There are a lot of bloggers who have tripled their incomes by launching their product, and you too can join the list.

You have to be very cautious when releasing your own product, though as doing that in haste can hurt your reputation if you happen to release a bad product. Meet a lot of people: bloggers that have successfully launched one or two products should have excellent ideas to share with you, and they will go a long way to help you.

Open Your Blog for Advertising

Advertising is one of the highest paying industries in the world today. If you can build your blog to a level that it attracts advertisers, your income can drastically increase. Increase your blog’s rankings on Google and other popular search sites by consistently building backlinks to your blog – and your blog will be able to attract advertising leads for you.

With a healthy dose of traffic, you will be able to retain ad bidders that will be willing to pay you well for a slot on your blog. You might want to hook up with an advertising agent to make things easier for you, but you have to possess a good bargaining power so that things will go right for you.

Promote your services to your readers

Your readers are looking for your help in one way or the other. Is it web designing that you’re capable of? Or can you write a lot of blog posts? Any area you think you’re very good and you believe someone can pay you for, don’t hesitate to promote it to your audience – they are the primary customers and prospects you have.


Blogging for money is a general thing these days and you should not expect it to be as easy as it used to be. You have to be determinant to be able to succeed as a blogger. But importantly, if you’re setting up a for the sole purpose of making money – you might not yet have a reason for blogging and thus you’ll find it tough making money online.