5 Must Have Accessories for iPhone

iPhone Accessories

The new iPhone created a rage among Smartphone enthusiasts, be it iPhone lovers or android lovers, people have been fussing over the launch of the iPhone 11. You might be one of them, because we sure are. Do you know how much is an iPhone 11 worth? I hope you do because with a new phone come new accessories that make the phone look all the more stunning and expensive. So if you’ve just unwrapped your brand new iPhone 11 and are ready to find accessories for it, take a look at the following accessories for the iPhone.

Charger Cords

The charger cords manufactured by Apple are available in various types and colours. Losing iPhone chargers is a common thing by users, be it an iPhone, iPod or an iPad among other devices. Chargers available through Apple for cars, walls, and computer come in varieties that you’d love to choose from. Car chargers are most useful because you no longer have to worry about your battery being dead the moment you’re supposed to go somewhere. You can drive while your phone gets charged, and that leaves you entirely worry-free.

Lightning Dock

The iPhone lightning dock is meant for charging and syncing your iPhone while it is allowed to sit upright on the lightning dock. It doesn’t matter if your phone is resting in a case, you can still place it onto the dock and it’ll continue to charge the phone. The dock can be connected via USB to your computer and sync while it is getting charged. With the audio port installed in the dock, you can even plug in your headphones and listen to music while your computer and the dock do the work of syncing and charging the iPhone.

Battery Case

This useful accessory is something you must always have. The iPhone X & iPhone 11 battery case is an attractive looking case as well as a charging port. You can carry your iPhone in your pocket while the case charges the phone as you go. All you have to do is keep the case charged and ready for when you need it, and then you can take it anywhere and everywhere. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and it will also keep your phone safe like a sturdy case would! If that isn’t a smashing accessory, then we don’t know what is.

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Decoded Leather Wallet Case

This case is a handmade one, created from the finest of leathers, which can protect your phone as well as give you easy access to your credit cards and business cards that you might need right away. No more fishing for your wallet in the pocket and searching for your cards, you can just hold them in your hands safe inside the leather wallet case. Not only that, this resourceful case is also equipped to giving you simplified access to the camera and its controls. In looks it is slim and designed to perfection, giving your phone the royal look that you’ve always wanted.

Glove Case & Lens Kit

Ever wanted your phone to become an adventure sports camera lens? Well, your wish is granted. This amazing glove case not only provides a rugged and strong case to your phone when outdoors to protect it from any harm, but it also has the camera lens that will allow you to capture all your adventures at once, without you having to spend time in settling your heavy camera. With the Optrix photography lenses, you can have high quality photographs and videos right at your fingertips. The kit comes inclusive of four lenses namely: normal, telephoto, wide angle and Macro. You can make it a selfie stick as well if needed, and this case is great for adventure sports for it will keep your beloved iPhone safe and secure while being a useful and brilliant camera lens.

With all these accessories you can make your new iPhone look all the more appealing.