5 Biggest Mistakes Should Avoid In Your Software Developer Career

software developer career

It’s true that making mistakes is a part of learning. But not improving them is a sign of foolishness. Improvement is necessary at every stage of your career. And when it comes to software development field, then you need to be extra attentive to get success. It is one of the career options, which offer many software developer job opportunities and a bright future.

Well, if you are also thinking to become a software developer, then here are few common mistakes which can be avoided for a better growth and future. Let’s get started:

1. Poor Documentary:

Document your code properly. Because, it’s not only for you, it’s for your whole team who will work on it after you. The documentation should be targeted to explain to others what you did and why. This will help and also help you to understand your code whenever you need to revise it.

2. Poor Development Process:

How can you develop software when you don’t know actually from where to start? Development process such as thinking, planning, coding must be clear. Before writing a piece of code, make a proper planning and think about why you need to write it. To avoid this mistake, take the advantage of the development process.

3. Not Testing Your Work:

Yes, it is a big mistake, you must test your code after writing it. It’s not good to run your code without testing because it can be time-consuming and can increase the number of errors in your code. To avoid this blunder, perform step by step testing and improve side by side. This will save your time and effort too.

4. Switching To other Work:

Code that is 90% done is not done. It’s bad to switch towards other work before completing the previous one. This kind of behavior only increases the problem for you and your client. The only solution to this problem is to finish your work. Do not wait for others to complete it for you.

5. Not Enjoying What You Do:

You can’t be better at your work if you don’t love it. Not enjoying your work can make you feel stuck and stress you out. This stress can demotivate you can increase the chances of lack of code quality. Software developing is all about solving problems. A passion and determination are necessary to find solutions to some core problems.


These are few mistakes that you need to avoid in order to become a successful software developer. Just believe in yourself, and give the task to yourself to see the improvement. Take the feedback from others and don’t afraid to ask for help. All of these will help you to land your dream job in your dream company.

Apart from this, also put a little attention on your soft-skills. You can practice hard and can improve your programming knowledge, but if you can’t work as a part of a team, then you can’t be better than the other coders’ recruiter looking for. With technical skills, also identify weakness in your soft-skills and start work on improving them.