How to Extract Mailbox From EDB to PST – Ways to Export EDB File

Export EDB Mailbox To PST Format – Here Complete Guide To Extract PST From EDB
Export EDB mailbox to PST format

This blog is for the users, who are facing problems and need an effective way to extract mailbox from EDB to PST. Multiple manual methods and free ways are listed here for EDB mailbox data to PST conversion.

Manual Ways to Convert Exchange EDB Mailbox to PST

  1. Export EDB file to PST via Exchange Management Shell cmdlets (Applicable for Exchange Server 2007 and later versions)
  2. Extract PST from EDB file via Exchange Admin Center (Applicable for Exchange 2013 & 2016)

Extract Mailbox from EDB to PST via PowerShellCmdlet

In Exchange 2007 & later versions, admins can migrate their Exchange data via PowerShell cmdlets. However, this process is quite technical and requires the prior knowledge of command prompt usage. The PowerShell cmdlets may also vary with the Exchange versions.

Follow The Given Steps: –

  • Firstly, the user who needs to extract PST from EDB files must have the Mailbox Import Export Role assigned to him.
  • If not, one you can use Exchange Admin Center to assign permissions. Execute the following command in cmdlet, to assign the required rights.

“New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role “Mailbox Import Export” -User “”<user name or alias>”

  • Ensure that the PST saving location must be Shared one. Only then the conversion will be carried out successfully.
  • Implement the following command to export EDB mailbox data to PST:

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox -FilePath “<destination file path>”

  • Here, listed mailbox name will be the name of the mailbox required to be exported and destination file path will be the location of the PST file. Like this: –

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox [email protected] -FilePath “\\NDRWEB76-PC2\PST Data\User123.pst”

Your, above listed EBD mailbox gets saved to the specified location of PST files.

The steps to extract mailbox from EDB to PST using PowerShell cmdlet is free of cost. But, it has some limitations associated with it. Some of the limitations are discussed below:

  1. Sound knowledge of EMS cmdlets is needed.
  2. Not be able to recover mailboxes from corrupted EDB files.
  3. Mailbox must be mounted on Exchange Server for file conversions.

Export EDB Mailbox Data to PST via Exchange Admin Center

Another manual way to extract PST from EDB file is via Exchange Admin Center, for newer versions of Exchanges (2013 and 2016). But, there are some prerequisites for this procedure which are mentioned below:

The folder must be a Shared folder in Exchange 2013/2016 and export permissions are also assigned to the mailboxes of the user accounts.

For providing the Export permission, Open Exchange Admin Center with your Exchange Account and choose Mailbox Import and Export role in the permissions lists.

Now, follow these steps to extract mailbox from EDB to PST format: –

  1. Open your Exchange Admin account, then go to Recipient and select Mailboxes. Here complete mailboxes list will be provided.
  2. Right click on the mailbox and choose Export to a PST file option to extract PST from EDB file format.
  3. A dialogue box will appear, Browse and Choose the required mailboxes which are needed to extract PST from EDB file. Then as per your need choose any of the both archive or non-archive options.
  4. Now, provide the location of the PST file, where you do want to store it. Then, click Next.
  5. Choose the given mailbox and also provide a mailbox name to receive email notifications.
  6. Now, click Finish.

This manual method also has some associated limitations. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Requires user to be technically sound.
  2. Chances of data loss.
  3. Not applicable on the earlier versions of the Exchange Servers.
  4. Does not able to extract corrupted EDB mailbox data.

Hassle-Free Solution to Extract Mailbox from EDB to PST

If one’s is not capable to implement listed free ways. Then third-party tools are the best option. MailPro+EDB File to PST Converter can easily export Exchange EDB mailbox data in a single click. This utility is built to process single as well as bulk files at once. Even, users can view and export their EDB files to 6+ export email formats, search options and preview functionality is also available for user convenience.


This blog explained manual ways to extract mailbox from EDB to PST, along with their limitations and drawbacks. Given manual solution are effective up to a certain point and are also not reliable. However, at the end if one’s want to have a permanent solution of this problem one prefer to use the MailPro+. It is much better and reliable with multiple advanced function for better user experience.