Logo Styles – Pick The Right Logo For Your Brand

logo styles

Logos are a critical factor in branding a business. There is a constant increase in the business competitive market. Therefore, the businesses entering the market focus on creating a logo that creates huge engagement for the audience. Small and large businesses of today realized the need for a perfect logo design. Therefore, a detailed study needs to be done for creating the best logo design for the company.

There exist numerous styles of logos that can be used for a business. These styles are the depiction of the company’s personality. This is why; a company always need to focus on the selection of right logo design that is the reflection of their brand’s aims and objectives. For this reason, businesses hire professional logo designers who help them in creating the best logo with all the required specification. Therefore, for an individual who is the creators of logos and the companies that are hiring designers for their businesses are required to learn the types, which are the source of better business identity.

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However, before you dive deep into the discussion of types of logos, it is necessary for you to understand that the logo you create should ensure that it represents you, business personality and the potential audience. This will enhance your design level and people easily get connected to it. Following are the five main type of logos that you can use for your brand identity.

1. Wordmark logo

wordmark logo

A wordmark logo is one of the most prominent types in the logo design domain. It is created with a text only. These types of logos are used for the companies who are focused to present their name to the audience. Their business personality and definition resides in their company name. This is why they need a prominence in their brand name and this logo is best in doing that. This type of logo is free from art and illustrations. It entirely depends on the text. A company can add relevant typography for their wordmark logo. Different typographies have distinct meaning that represents a different meaning. This is why; businesses select a text style that suits their business identity. For instance ‘Samsung’ is a mobile company, which a logo on their own name.

2. Iconic logo

iconic logo

Iconic logos are made for creating an illustrated image that is the core representation of the company. These logos are made for the need to explain and attract the audience in a creative way, which is the creation of a mark that explains the brand’s core objective. Professional logo designers are focused on creating amazing and minimal designs for a specific company objective. Numerous renowned brands in the world use this mark for their company logo design. Out of all, ‘Nike’ is the prominent name that has to create a ‘right mark’ logo design for a perfect description of their company.

3. Combined logo

combined logo

With the advantages of wordmark logo and iconic logo, here comes a combination that introduces both the types together. These types of logos are used by the companies, focusing on the representation of their brand through an effective icon with a text in it. These logos are widely used by companies. It is because they are known to be the complete representation of a brand that is the firm requirement of a creative logo. One of the prominent names in the business world has made their logos using a combination strategy. ‘Adidas’ is one of the names that have an icon to represent their business with their name writer below.

4. Monogram logo

monogram logo

These logos are usually made with concise information packed in a shape. All the information, whether an icon, text or even both are organized in a way that makes a perfect logo. The most common use of these logos is in schools. Most of the schools follow the strategy to make a monogram that represents their school. Out of school, domain businesses have also implemented this logo design for their brand identity. ‘Starbucks’ is one of the most prominent names that use the monogram style for the identification of their business.

5. Emblem logo

emblem logo

Emblem logo is the type of logo style that is trendy nowadays. Entrepreneurship world is utilizing this style of a logo for their brands. It involves the creation of a design that contains the name of a business. The design can be a simple shape that is a circle, rectangle, square or triangle. It has a slight difference from the typographic type. This logo is based on text but has a shaped background to make it a bit more prominent.


All the types of logos are made with a purpose. Therefore, it is necessary for a brand to use the right type of logo design that helps them achieve the right objective, which is to gather and impact a huge fraction of the audience. It increases the brand stand in the market for a prominent and better image.