Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review

Samsung Gear S3 Review

The news from smart watch market is that Samsung is going to launch gear s3.It was just weird news because it was thought that smart watch market has no future in the new market. Taking the risk knowing the circumstances keeping in mind the challenges knowing all the hurdles Samsung launched Samsung Gear S3. This was something new for all the Samsung customers. In the last few months Samsung had their gear s2. Many ideas were thought for s2 but unfortunately Samsung could not fulfill dreams of their customers.

Samsung Gear S3 Features

This time in Samsung gear s3 they have it much better than the previous one. With a lot of features Samsung made its utmost efforts to make their customer lean towards buying their products and Samsung almost succeeded in this effort. The features range from LTE radio up to automatic fitness tracking feature. Many of them are available in offline mode. It’s user interference makes it more convenient user friendly and worthy. But the battery timing is a major problem. This can be replaced by android wear 2.0.

Samsung Gear S3 design

Watches are made for the people with big wrist. The gear s3 has an elegant design with a large face that make it unsuitable for the people with small wrist.S3 frontier has 1.33 inch display with a built in LTE radio with 380 ma h battery. It can display up to 16 million colors. Gear s3 is about 2.2 ounces which is double as compared to apple watch. The stainless-steel case makes it attractive and a time piece. It gives a sturdy display due to gorilla glass coating. It has 360/360 resolution.

Samsung Gear S3 Rotating Bezel

Gear s3 comes with many strips available on their store (starting from 30$) usually 22mm.The rotating bezel makes it more convenient and easy to use. With a twist you can either decline a call or close the alarm. From my personal experience since I bought this watch I wake almost every day late because of snooze alarm. Being on home when you rotate the bezel clockwise you will be switched to notification. If you rotate in anticlockwise direction you will be switched to widgets.

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The thing which I liked the most was rotating bezel. And it is so liked and praised by Samsung on communities etc. Being so popular Samsung started to use it in their products.

Samsung Gear S3 S voice

By aid of s voice, we can send messages and phone calls but when I used this feature it was a difficult task for me to get interpreted by s voice. Gear s3 also has a keypad but typing on such a small screen is just so much irritating.

Samsung Gear S3 Google map:

Google maps in s3 are given in detail we can zoom in and out easily with help of rotating bezel and we can even zoom up to individual streets. But for navigation the watch should be paired with a phone and the phone should be in its range. I had paired it with my Samsung Galaxy S7 but when I moved out form its Range it was not working so you should have a phone in pocket that is attached to your smart watch or else your smart watch won’t work.

Samsung Gear S3 Conclusion

There are some defects in Samsung Gear S3 and they were also not able to complete their given promises but we cannot deny this fact that Samsung Gear S3 is the most powerful smart watch yet.

Although it is disappointing that the Gear S3 has not all of the features that Samsung promised but they have tried their 100%.

I would recommend you that you should not buy it yet and wait for for Gear S4 If you want it more updated because it will be soon launched but it is a good choice for those who have a nice Budget Its current price is 350$ you can buy it from amazon etc.