Top 4 Messaging Apps For Android Users

Messaging Apps For Android

There is a big variety of secure messaging apps for Android devices providing high quality features, good user interface and file sharing possibilities. However, the bigger is the choice, the harder it is to decide which messaging app is the right fit for you.

If you are an Android user like we are, we have selected the top 4 messaging apps to help you make the decision.

The majority of these apps have the same set of features like text messaging, sending and receiving audio or video calls, photos, locations and the owners of these apps claim that their products are secure in one or another way. Let’s find out whether this statement is true and why people are obsess with these messaging apps.

Zangi Messenger

Zangi Messenger is made for you if you are obsessed with your security and privacy. It is known to be one of the most secure messaging apps in the market with an average 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store. Unlike other messaging apps for Android devices, you don’t have to switch to any secret chats or manually change your messaging security mode. Zangi doesn’t store any messages on the servers, and all the messages are encrypted by default. The application is pretty light (around 32 MB) and it consumes up to 6 times less mobile data compared to other messengers. The speed of Zangi is really amazing; even in places with weak Internet connection messages are sent instantly. Another advantage of the app is that Zangi is customizable: you can change the interface by adjusting to you if you are left-handed or you can also change the background of your chats.


Telegram has evolved to a well-known messaging app in a short period of time. One of key specifics of the app is the end-to-end encryption and the availability to communicate through secret chats. You can also add a password to protect the app. If you try to log on from another device in addition to SMS you will be required to submit the password specified earlier. The app works perfectly on Android devices. However, Telegram ended support for some older Android versions. Assumably this step was done to update the app and add new features that require newer versions of Android devices.


Signal messenger can be compared to Zangi or Telegrams in terms of security. All the messages are encrypted, and only the recipient can see what’s written in the message. The app offers the option to add a password to the account, set an automatic deletion of the messages or easily view all the media shared in conversation without scrolling app to find the specific photo. Signal has been recommended by Edward Snowden to everyone who is concerned about their privacy.


It is possible to send cool stickers or see when your friends are typing if you opt to use Allo messenger. But now you are probably thinking pretty much all the messaging apps have the same features. There is one feature called Google Assistant that is available only for Allo users. It can suggest restaurants nearby, find a certain location and address, and you don’t even have to leave the conversation. There is also an option to chat one-on-one with the Google Assistant and search for something in incognito mode. All is already pre-installed on some of the Android devices. Google Assistant which is implemented in the app can even recognize photos and give you some advice on any topic.

These are the top four messaging apps for Android, but we are interested to know which are your favorites and why. Leave your own list of top messengers in the comment section below.