Why Consider Doing A Video Blogging?

vlogging-video blogging

We live in a digital world where people rely on the Internet for innumerable reasons. Every modern household has a steady subscription to a high-quality Internet provider. In the said scenario, if we talk about entrepreneurship ventures, internet has emerged as the biggest medium for brand awareness. Intelligent use of internet-based forums is huge for impactful marketing strategies. It is highly improbable that you become successful in gaining recognition as a brand. Take the instance of social media. If your brand doesn’t have a strong social media presence, you are missing on a massive audience that you could effectively target. There are many modes of raising brand awareness on social media and other Internet-based platforms. However, video blogging is fast gaining popularity today.

If you are entertaining the idea of introducing your own brand, use vlogging(video blogging) as a powerful and impactful tool. If you are already blogging and you have added video to your content strategy, you should give vlogging a shot. You would be amazed by the results.

But first, look up Internet Providers in my area on your browser and pick a high-speed and high-quality ISP for uninterrupted and smooth vlogging. Read on and discover how vlogging is an innovative yet cost-effective way to increase brand awareness.

We All Love Videos

We all dig videos and there is no doubt about it. On YouTube alone, people watch a whopping 6 billion hoursof video every month. Other social media forums such as Facebook and Instagram, are also saturated with videos. Powerful marketing campaigns on social media essentially include video. People prefer them to written marketing content. Social media users also tend to share a video that they like which increases your brand awareness and recognition.

Here are some more points:

  • Vloggingdoes not involve much effort and is a great mode to release a lot of videos. All you need is a camera and you are good to go.
  • Vlogging is effortless for the viewers too. They prefer watching a quick, informative video to reading a chunk of text.
  • Targeting a specific issues and specific audience is easier with vlogs. For instance, an FAQ kind of a video.

Videos Make Us More Human

We don’t really know much about the brands and companies that we work with!All we have access to are the photographs on the team page or a little content in the ‘about us’ section of their official website. Vlog is much more relatable as an actual human being talks directly. The more human a company seems the more trustworthy it is considered. That’s how the psyche of a modern customer works. You can use the useful tool of vlogging in your marketing campaigns to instill trust further. For instance,you can encourage your customers and business partners to record and share testimonials with you.

The Big Giants Are Already Doing It

Vlogging is a new concept to business. However, you will be glad to know that the big shots of business industry have already tried and tested this very tool. One instance is Google. Matt Cutts, the head of Web Spam Team of Google, recurrently posted brief vlogs on YouTube.

Microsoft is another giant that has begun vlogging recently. Although, they are slightly different. They are podcasts played over animation. Thousands of viewers watched them.

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Apart from the business industry, vlogs are massively used. Celebrities and makeup artists across the globe have been using vlogs, especially in recent years. It’s a more interactive way of connecting with their fans. Some big names to use vlogging are Taylor Swift and Jim Carrey. Beauty experts like Huda Kattan, Carli Bybel, and Meredith Fosterare famous vlogging MUAs.

The Future Is in the Visual

Do you know that 74 percent of the total internet traffic is video?This percentage is on a constant rise. You can get ahead of the business game if you decide to video blog. A good percentage of marketers already feel that video has become an essential part of their business. Embrace the future and be an innovator in the field of vlogging.

SEO Loves Videos Too

If the Netizens like something, there is a high likeliness that SEO also loves it. The main function of search engines is to present relevant results to the users’ search queries. And since more and more users are looking up videos in recent years, SEO will rank the video-based content higher. This indicates that vlogging can immensely help in achieving high ranking in the search results.