6 Insider Tips for Creating an Animated Explainer Video

creating an animated explainer video

What is the secret to making an animated explainer video? Ever wonder how a video can gain such a million number of subscriber or view.

Well, the reason lies in backing up your videos with an effective strategy or giving it a purpose to perform. The animated explainer video, if foundation on a strong purpose can produce outcomes to the limit you want. It can take your brand to new heights of success and can attract millions of viewers.

You need to ponder on your objective and after careful analysis of market needs and customer preferences, you have to select each element and feature for your video. The video can be your amazing sales asset only if you learn how to make the most out of it.

Before you dip your hand in animating your plot or even finalizing your script, here are some aspects that need a little more consideration. Go through the list of questions that you need to ask yourself when making your animation monster London video.

How Are You Planning To Use The Video?

The first thing to look at is the way you are going to use our video. It must be more than just a fancy video unloaded on your homepage or landing page. So, you have to give it the right purpose to serve and to create the most benefits out of it. You have to select the medium where it is going to perform. If it is going to be uploaded on social media sites then you have to make it even more interactive and back it up with fascinating animation to capture the attention of target audience.

planning to use explainer video
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Your Video Objective

Defining the objective of our video is imperative. You have to see what goal it is going to serve. It is only be going to spread your brand awareness or going to educate viewers about the process involved in your services. What kind of story will it be delivered? You must know who to produce a video based on offering a specific purpose. Some of the marketers only produce videos to generate sales. They are backed with a sales pitch to convert viewers. In such a way, you have to state what your goals are for creating your video.

The Duration of Your Video

Now here the duration plays an important. You have to define the duration based on the platform where the video will be uploaded and the purpose it is going to serve. If you are making the video for your social media sites, you have to make sure that the video only lasts for not more than a minute similarly, if the video is for the landing page you can extend it longer than a minute. As it needs to be descriptive. However, the maximum time for an animated explainer video is around 90 seconds. It must not exceed its max limits.

duration of your video
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Problem Solving

The next important thing is the list of problems that the video is going to cater. You have to understand the issues customers are acing elated to the product or service you are about to present. You have to take a step closer to them and know their daily struggles. In your videos, you have to present that idea. That’s why when making the video you must know the problems that you are going to address. It’s important to do so as you have to create an emotional bond with your customers through the animation monster London.

Your Brand Personality

Videos that are created for promoting the brand or its products are themed according to the brand’s personality. You have to add colors and elements in accordance with your company’s profile to keep uniformity. Even if you are adding a character, make sure you add the tone of your brand and demonstrate your company’s profile in the most accurate manner. Your video is an extension of a company’s marketing assets and it needs to be in accordance with the style.

Wrapping Up

Follow the tips stated above and make the great out of your animated explainer videos. Plan out the strategy and ask important questions to yourself related to the video.