Top 4 Tips How Guest Blogging Can Be a Part of Link Building

Guest Blogging Tips

Getting links is not always easy. Recently, guest blogging for links has emerged as a trend. It is believed to have long living effectiveness. Guest blogging is proved to be a good method of attracting traffic to a website, increasing social media follow-ups and obtaining links of good quality. If you want to flow with the present trend of guest blogging, you must know certain tips.

Take look at the section and try to make the most use of your link building strategy.

1. Go through the blogs pitched by you

A common mistake people make in guest blogging is they send numerous mails without acquiring any knowledge regarding the blogs which they pitch. Can you imagine the number of blogs the blog owners receive every day from people like you? Will take an email seriously, if it is not concerned with your blog? Certainly not.

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Hence, it is better to read some posts prior drafting the pitch letter. You should take a quick look at the “about” section to know the owner’s name. A blog with a personalized message is more appealing.

2. Conduct a research

As it is important to know about the blog you are pitching to, similarly it is also important to conduct certain research work before pitching. The research will reveal that you have made the right selection of sites relevant to your niche. Also it is important to ensure that the blog you chose has some value for your website. Your site should gain significance through its referral visits and backlink juice.

How can I find the relevant sites to my niche? Is there any easy way to know it? Here are some tips to help you get the significant link for your site.

  • Have SEO add-on for Chrome and Firefox to view the Page Rank or PR of a particular website.
  • Check the traffic level of the site through SEMrush or other metrics sites.
  • Browse through the social networking websites, especially their blog page since majority of the blogs use social media for pushing their posts. This brings lots of traffic.

Do the research in this way and you will have the real results.

3. Customize pitch letter for each blog

Don’t make the same pitch letter for all the blogs, each blog will have different pitch letter. For instance, your letter should be addressed to the site owner and also give reference of some articles related to that blog. You can also add your own opinion regarding some article you have read on that website. You can do everything that you want to make it distinct from rest of your email letters.

4. Give reference of your blog in the pitch letter

If you possess your own blog for which you regularly write some quality contents, you should definitely give a link of that blog in the pitch letter. In case your blog is a good one, its reference can surely convince your blog owner and he might give you a good chance. So, you can give this idea a try.